Over the past 19 years, more than one quarter of a million marriages have been strengthened and saved through NAME’s ministries, including: Certified Marriage Specialist training, free couple to couple counseling from NAME Centers around the United States and globally, international marriage conferences and seminars, text, audio, and visual resources, classes and workshops, television and radio appearances, our growing interactive web presence, and many more! NAME provides all of these ministries with substantially higher success rates and at a fraction of the cost of secular alternatives.

What a NAME Center Can Do For Your Church

Churches around the world are realizing that there is an answer to a serious problem—the breakdown of the family. Homes are being reunited, marriages are being restored, and children are being spared the terrible ravages of divorce. NAME Centers are springing up all over the nation to fill this huge need created by broken homes and generational vices. Churches implementing NAME Centers train Certified Marriage Specialist couples to mentor other couples in need. This is done utilizing NAME’s unique training and certification system to prepare couples to biblically counsel other couples. These trained couples are the core of each NAME center. As a result, churches are experiencing a decrease in divorce rates, less burden on pastors for counseling, and reconciled families committing to serve the local church.

What a NAME Center Can Do For Your Community

The focus of NAME is reaching the community. Currently, one out of two marriages end in divorce. We say that is inexcusable—we have proven that there is a solution. NAME provides effective, proven tools for reaching out to the community. We’ve created strategies of marketing, public awareness, and community involvement campaigns to help reach beyond the walls of your local church. A community is never better than its local church and NAME is seeing churches come together to make a difference. When we educate our communities concerning the family, we are being salt and light to the world. We are not the answer. Rather, we are representatives of the Answer. Through marriage ministry, communities are seeing marriages and families saved, divorce eliminated, and people brought into greater community with one another. As a result of NAME’s efforts, more children are living in loving two-parent homes, poverty is being averted, and towns and cities across America are being strengthened. Communities are becoming aware that there is new hope for an old problem, and that there is a solution to their dilemma. NAME offers constructive motivational programs for getting involved in our communities to save marriages—for good.

What a NAME Center Can Do For Our Nation

NAME is committed to our nation. America was founded on principles set forth in God’s Word. The deterioration of the family has weakened the moral fiber of the nation politically, economically, and spiritually. Now, our nation is seeing a gathering of leaders from every sector, denomination, race, and culture who are tired of watching our society’s moral foundation crumble before their eyes. NAME is leading the way in networking groups, organizations, and leaders to rally for righteousness in the context of biblical truths. Myths about God are being dispelled, visions are being birthed, and opinions once set against God are softening to a realization that we can make a difference in our nation, that society can be transformed for the better, and that we can see God glorified in America’s homes.

A New Chapter For NAME…


January 2017 marked another new chapter for NAME.   Pastors Arnold and Gwen Tackett were asked by Molly Godzich, co–founder, to step into the role of leading NAME as the Executive Directors as she, herself transitioned from leadership of the daily operations of NAME to pursue new avenues of ministry.  Although Molly remains still closely connected, the Tacketts, along with their staff are operating the ministry from the new headquarters office now relocated in California.

Pastors Arnold and Gwen received their Masters in Biblical Counseling through Phoenix University of Theology and are credentialed with the Assemblies of God.  They are the founders of Vessels of Honor Ministries, authors of marriage studies and the Vessels of Honor Study Guide.

The Tacketts, currently marriage/family pastors on staff in California, have conducted conferences around the country and continue to travel conducting marriage events.   They openly proclaim the power of Jesus to heal, restore and totally revolutionize marriages, families and lives of every age.

The Tacketts have been closely connected with the Godzichs and NAME since its conception.  Their hearts are to carry the vision of NAME forward in this new chapter honoring the legacy of the late Dr Leo Godzich and the Lord.

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