In 2003, Pastor Leo and Molly Godzich started the Pastoral Rescue Center. It was founded on the idea: “how can pastors lead people when they cannot lead their own home.” Pastors’ marriages often go through struggling seasons like anyone else, but the predicament is they do not know who they can talk to. Where do they go for help? What will happen if members of the congregation find out that their home life is falling apart? NAME responded to this thought by expanding its ministry to target pastors and church leaders. The pastoral rescue center has been able to restore so many marriages from divorce in complete confidentiality. The NAME headquarters is located in Phoenix, AZ so many pastors come and stay in a hotel while having secret counseling appointments, or they have call in appointments to the headquarter office.

Another way that pastors are reached is through the annual “Minister’s Marriage” seminar. This also takes place in Phoenix, AZ and is located on the first Thursday of February after Pastor Tommy Barnett’s annual Pastor’s School (a high impact Pastor and church leader inspirational conference). Many Ministers come to this half-day seminar to get specialized pastoral marriage teaching. Most ministers do the ministering and do not sit back and get ministered to. Minister’s Marriage focuses on pouring into the pastor, into an area where they may have not been spending the most time, their spouse. This is a healing and enhancing marriage seminar for pastors of all kinds.

Also, at the annual International Marriage Conference at the end of September, many pastors from all over the world congregate and connect for the specialized workshop relating to the “Minister’s Marriage.”